Would the 12 year old You accept being the Daughter of a God?

I honestly don't know if 12 year old me could handle that much of a responsibility.  I certainly don't know how Aru and Mini did it.  This time around I actually delved into the world of Middle Grade with Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi. This is also the first book published by... Continue Reading →


The Cookie Book Tag

Surprise it's another post! I was looking through the #SBPT tag on twitter looking for some inspiration for new content....and I came the Cookie Book Tag (S/O to Ace of Bens!) . I don't know about y'all but cookies are my weakness. Chocolate Chip: A classic that you love or really enjoyed Hmmmm....that's honestly a... Continue Reading →

Mad Libs—Book Nerd Edition

Hey everyone! Welcome to Week 4 of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour! This week Kate and I decided to make mad libs, using a synopsis from a book. For those who don't know what a mad lib, you pretty much fill in the blank without knowing or having read the entire passage for hand. HOWEVER... Continue Reading →

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