The Will and the Wilds: A Review

I know! Two reviews in two days! But I've got another great book to tell you about! Praise for The Will and The Wilds  "...An immersive, dangerous fantasy world. Holmberg draws readers in with a fast-moving plot, rich details and a surprisingly sweet human-monster romance. This is a lovely, memorable fairy tale." --Publishers Weekly "Holmberg ably... Continue Reading →

The How & The Why: A Review

Believe it or not I actually received this book by accident! A quite happy accident if I say so myself. Now to tell you about Cynthia Hand's newest work: The How & The Why.  Praise for The How & Why:  "The novel's great strength is the emotional depth of its character and the complexity of their relationships.... Continue Reading →

The Vine Witch: Review (Debut!)

"It starts with a toad. A slimy one, too, warts and all. But as you may have guessed, with witches involved, this toad just happens to be enchanted. This toad, in fact, is the witch---and now that she's free, she's out for revenge against whoever has cursed her.  Elena Boureanu, former toad, is a vine... Continue Reading →

A Killer’s Alibi: A Review

What would you do if the wife of a well-known mob boss shows up asking for your help? Well I'll tell you what Mick McFarland does.... Stay tuned! Praise for A Killer's Alibi: "William Myers' riveting new novel is not just a crackerjack legal thriller, it is also a wrenching portrayal of a whole range... Continue Reading →

Spectacle: Review

"She died." (Spectacle)  Got your attention didn't I? Well keep going and you'll see what I mean 🙂 Praise for Spectacle:  "Clever and full of murder, Jodie Lynn Zdrok's Spectacle had my eyes glued to the pages as the body count rose, and mystery upon mystery stacked upon mystery as our heroine closed in on a... Continue Reading →

Of Salt and Stars : Cover Reveal

Hey y'all I'm so excited that I was selected to take part in this cover reveal for Of Salt and Stars by Seven Jane. Of Salt and Stars is just one part of the Havenwood Falls Series.  About Havenwood Falls:  The Havenwood Falls Collective is the group of award-winning and USA Today bestselling authors writing in the Havenwood Falls... Continue Reading →

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